What's InternHub?

In 2009 I came to the United States to get a college degree. Back then I could not imagine that graduating with distinction will be but a small part of my university experience. I thank God for crossing paths with some incredible people who showed me that you can accomplish much more than excellent studies while you're at college. Inspired by their own examples and following their kind advice I ended up visiting career fairs, on-campus events hosted by different companies, talking to recruiters... That's how it all started.

By 2014 I had interned five times outside of the campus, and had a three year experience of on-campus work as an undergraduate research assistant. Working while studying became a norm for me, and I could not possibly list all the advantages this lifestyle has to offer.

I launched InternHub in early 2015 to help American students understand what an internship is, and how to secure a sweet spot with the world's best companies while still studying in college. Currently, the resource is just a blog that's intended to help those seeking an internship in the US. The project, however, has an ambition to develop into an online resource, e-book, résumé software, and much more. So stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the IH Blog.

Best regards,
Alibek, IH founder